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Whether you’re seeking locum tenens, short-term nursing or medical professional jobs, or are looking for longer-term, permanent nursing employment or full-time healthcare positions—Plexsum is the kind of staffing solution with your best interests at heart.

Why? Because we’ve been there, and done that. We understand the uniquely attractive lifestyle a traveling nurse enjoys. Just like we know how hard it is to devote significant time and effort to finding the “next great job” that best fits your unique nursing or medical professional skill set.

Best of all? We completely speak your language.

You’ll never have to explain yourselves here—because our owners and recruitment consultants have the exact same experience you do. And we want to make your healthcare job search – and on-boarding for your next job – easier, faster and more productive than you ever thought possible!

Benefits Include:

  • Exceptional Pay
  • Private Housing or Housing Allowance
  • Flexible Assignments
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Medical/Prescription Plan
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life & Disability Insurance

Plexsum Works With Some Of The Largest Healthcare Organizations In Pennsylvania And The Northeast.

These types of healthcare systems and facilities work with Plexsum to identify specific staffing needs across the depth and breadth of their organization.

And since it is in their best interest to find the right person, for the right job, right now?

They are the organizations that pay for Plexsum’s placement services. That’s right. It is in their best interest – and in our best interest – to create the type of job search environment that makes professional medical staffing easier. For you. And for all of us in healthcare systems!

If you haven’t done so Check out our jobs, or apply for your free Plexsum account today.

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