Get to know the team who works tirelessly to create strong, successful relationships with our medical professionals and our medical facilities.

We are real-world medical professionals who have made the commitment to put our experience and industry expertise to work for you. We know the ins and outs of job hunting and job hopping. We also know how hard it is for Medical Facilities to respond nimbly to sudden staff ramp up, changes or seemingly impossible staffing demands. We serve both, because we understand both intimately.

To recruit, validate and retain highly qualified and dedicated medical professionals to fill a variety of critical staffing shortcomings within diverse health care delivery systems.

As experienced, working medical professionals ourselves, we’ve seen firsthand the challenges faced by job seekers and healthcare delivery organizations alike—and see ourselves as a comforting, qualified and essential bridge between the two.

No matter how large we get as a company, our success is measured in incredibly small increments—literally on a person-by-person basis for professional candidates, and on a facility-by-facility basis for different types of healthcare systems. Whether it’s a single shift, a short-term placement or long-term contract—EVERY candidate and facility working with Plexsum is a priority.

Leadership Team

Tina TallyenCEO

Tina’s stellar leadership of this women-owned business is second only to her passion for the pursuit of excellence on a daily basis. The heartbeat of Plexsum, Tina works tirelessly overseeing its operations and administration. A visionary with a solid plan, Tina is laser focused on efficiency and accuracy as well as the well-being of her staff, and most importantly, the complete satisfaction of her clients. With nearly 30 years of patient care, Tina is uniquely poised to lead Plexsum’s growth as it meets the challenges of the new decade.

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Chas Gee, MBA, BSN, RN | CNO and Director of Talent Acquisition

Chas is the driving force behind Plexsum’s legendary reputation for recruiting the right candidates, every time. An experienced travel nurse himself, Chas offers a distinct advantage to both our staff and partnering medical facilities, with years of first-hand working knowledge from critical care, telemetry, and emergency department experience. His professional, intuitive perspective “from the field” contributes to Chas’s remarkable achievements and success in finding the perfect match. We look for Chas to continue to use his expert skills to build our wide network of medical professionals and facilities.

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Lacey Gee, BBADirector of Human Resources

Lacey Gee is Plexsum’s Director of Human Resources, overseeing the hiring and onboarding process. With a background that includes a combination of business administration, pharmaceuticals and human resources, Lacey adeptly wears many hats! Among other duties, she manages credentialing and ensures compliance and assists with recruiting. Lacey also is a key point of contact and a helpful resource for both staff and clients.

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Kaitlin Conway, BBASenior Recruiting Specialist

Meet Kaitlin Conway, Plexsum’s recruiting specialist. Kaitlin brings a high level of recruitment experience to the Plexsum team. She has honed the skills required to attract and retain exactly the right healthcare talent to meet the needs of the market. Kaitlin expertly handles scheduling and ensures compliance at all levels of the staffing cycle. You’ll find Kaitlin’s touch on social media and relationship building initiatives.

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Matt Nedrow, BAFinancial and Benefits Account Manager

Matt brings 25 years of management experience to Plexsum including an impressive 20-year military career. Matt’s service as a Senior Manager, Unit Administrator and U.S. Army Platoon Sergeant taught him the skills to expertly perform vital duties at Plexsum which includes assisting with administration of payroll, benefits and insurance. With such a strong leadership background, Matt is an integral part of Plexsum’s successful business model.

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