At Plexsum, we understand the important role of Allied Health professionals and work closely with facilities to fill these vital positions with the best possible candidates.

As an Allied Health professional, you are in good company! Representing nearly 60% of all health care providers, Allied Health positions are in great demand and competition can be fierce. We get that! Our expert recruiters keep their fingers on the pulse of the market to meet the demand and to find the perfect situation for you and your specific skills.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, contact Plexsum to see just how exciting and rewarding your career with us could be.

Why you’ll love the Plexsum experience:

We Understand. We know where you are coming from and understand your challenges. We are medical professionals who have been in your shoes and we feel your pain! We’ll listen and respond to your personal situation and work tirelessly to find you the right position and create a smooth and efficient transition.

Expert Recruiters will work FOR YOU. That’s right, with Plexsum, a professional recruiter with a huge network of healthcare facility contacts will take the time to discover the environment and type of position that will work best for you, then WE will get to work! Your recruiter will diligently search for you, so you can relax and focus on excelling at taking care of your patients and enjoying the job you love.

Seamless transition and onboarding. Plexsum has earned a reputation for being proficient and thorough in establishing accurate credentials and coordinating staff transitions. We’ll make sure your onboarding experience is fast and efficient. You will be well-informed and arrive at ease and prepared to rock your new position.

Per Diem and Contractual work available. We have jobs for you! Whether you are searching for a full time position or part time flexible per diem work we can make that happen. Contact us to see how we will fit you into your perfect lifestyle.

Superior compensation, benefits and support. You work hard and deserve a complete compensation package that gives you piece of mind. In addition to exceptional pay, Plexsum is committed to offering you exceptional healthcare insurance, immediate retirement 401k vesting with employer contribution of 3%, and our lengthy selection of voluntary benefits. Add private housing or a housing allowance and the 24/7 support of our expert, caring staff and you will have the key to a satisfying work experience.

We’re Ready to Help! Contact us to learn more.